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>Well so much for me trying to post every day this week though I have to say it was absolutely not my fault I didn’t get to post yesterday and it’s not my fault that this post will be short and sweet and have no photos!

Yesterday we came home from the Tupperware Party – which went really, really well. I went through the demonstration with no troubles, we sold a lot of products so far and my fabulous hostess Monika is going to get some freebies which is what every consultant hopes for hostess!! It certainly helped that my first Tupperware demonstration was to a room full of friends so after my business end was done we got to all hang out and catch up which was great. (Tanya – we have to make sure we don’t let too much time pass before we hang out again!!!) Monika and Dave are such great hosts and their house is like a little retreat you almost forget you are in Florida! – I totally went off on a tangent there, so when we got home after our fun day naturally the first thing I did was flip open my laptop and turn on the television and to my despair neither worked! ACK! Mike called the cable company and found there are no known outages in the area so it was just us and we would have to wait until Monday to have someone take a look! DOUBLE ACK! Today we have limited internet access thanks to a generous neighbor but still no TV. So tomorrow I get the extreme pleasure of waiting for the cable guy to arrive anywhere from 11 AM – 2PM lucky me!

Today wasn’t a total loss though, despite the fact that I only slept for 3.5 hours Mike and I got up early and went to see UP! I loved it!!! Go see it! Just a really sweet movie, funny, uplifting, heartwarming, I laughed and naturally I cried but it was so good I can’t wait to see it again. So far the great Summer movies such as UP and Star Trek have made up for the lousy ones – like Terminator haha! After the movie we went to eat, I have no idea what meal to call it since we had popcorn for breakfast and have no plans to eat dinner as far as I know. We went to the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney its a fun place and the food is surprisingly good for a theme restaurant. We walked around a little bit and now we’re home sitting in silence – I suppose we’ll put on a movie soon but right now the TVs are taking a much earned but ill timed vacation.

I will post soon with this week’s challenge layouts and other random photos I’ve been taking to post here for you. Until then, have a great Sunday evening!!


>A lot of Fridays we go out for dinner and we see a movie but tonight we opted to stay in and save the movie for Sunday. Tomorrow is my first Tupperware party as a consultant and I’m a nervous wreck! I did a run through of the party for Hooper and the cats this afternoon but they weren’t all that interested (go figure) so when Mike got home I ran through the party again and he gave me some great ideas and I feel slightly more confident but I’m still pretty nervous. I just hope it goes well. It has been exciting, fun and interesting trying to get this new venture off the ground and not something I’ve really tried before so I’m really hoping to make a go of it. I’ll be sure to post how everything goes tomorrow!

After I was satisfied with my Tupperware party plans, Mike made me a delicious grilled cheese with bacon for dinner and then I did something I very rarely do when Mike and I are home together – I scrapbooked! I kept pulling things from my scrapbook room out to the dining room table and I put together another cruise layout. I took a little inspiration from Ali Edwards and I did something I’ve never done before – I used white card stock as my base! I’m really pleased with how it turned out I think it makes a nice addition to our cruise album. I still have a lot of pictures left but I am really thrilled to have so many layouts done and so many stories from our fabulous vacation told.

Aside from the layout I started playing with my Glimmer Mists and masks. I have the start of a project – no pictures yet because I’m really not sure where I’m going with it but so far I love how it looks so be on the lookout there should be a finished project soon!!

Now I’m off to bed after a day where I felt I actually accomplished the things I wanted to – it’s always nice to go to bed that way! Until tomorrow!

>I am in a sour mood this evening and I don’t know why! Could be that it was another long day, could be that it’s been raining AGAIN, or it could be just a case of the blahs but whatever the reason my current mood is wedged firmly in cranky town. But I will try to be upbeat at least until I reach the end of this blog post!

So today I woke up early and did a 4 mile walk workout with my Leslie Sansone DVD, I was pretty sure I was going to pass out by the end but I did it. After that we stopped at the hospital to visit Mike’s mom and then I took Mike for his sleep study consultation. Hopefully the doctor will be able to h
elp Mike out and if they could lessen Mike’s snoring then I’ll be one happy girl!! After the appointment I took Mike to work, stopped at the store and came home and had a nice healthy lunch and then did some crafting. I finished my weekly challenge layout but I’ll wait to post that in my normal challenge post. It has been weird crafting though because the light went out in my scrapbooking closet so I have to search for things in the dark and then bring them out into the dining room to actually work. My bottles of Glimmer Mist are one by one making their way onto the kitchen counter and my scrapbooking room is more of a mess then ever but I’m putting off cleaning it until we can manage to change the light bulb – which is way high up there and we have no ladder so it should be a neat trick! It may not be my normal or ideal way to create but I still feel creative so I guess that’s the important thing right?

Tonight we had leftovers for dinner and we’re now lounging on the couch watching Kungfu Panda which surprisingly we have never seen before and I think it’s pretty cute. I did order a bathing suit online so hopefully by the time it gets here it will A. fit and B. will stop raining! It’s storming pretty good out there now and this evening when I picked up Mike I got caught in a pretty bad storm – not fun! Tomorrow I have more running around to do but I really want to get more crafting in, I have a lot of ideas so I better get working! I’ve also been ignoring my book and I’ve got to get writing every single day – keep on me everyone!!

Until tomorrow I leave you with a picture of the most adorable dog on the planet 🙂

>What a day today was! Mike and I had 7:30AM appointments to get blood work done, when we get to the place they let us know that the blood test the doctor prescribed for Mike will take 2 hours!! Of course we figured we would only be there a half hour tops so we were caught a little off guard and I was caught without a book to read. Thank goodness my phone can access the internet since there were only two magazines in the waiting room and they did not take two hours to read. Though I did get a great recipe idea – more on that later!!

The two hours went a little faster then I anticipated and we were on our way. We made a quick pit stop at Panera’s, I love their coffee and bagels and since there isn’t one super close to the house we decided to stop. I know, I know I’m not supposed to be drinking coffee but Panera’s hazelnut coffee is just way to good to pass up. I also ordered a cinnamon crunch bagel and hazelnut cream cheese – hey the cream cheese was reduced fat – at least that’s the argument I used to talk myself into my breakfast choice. When asked if I wanted the bagel sliced or toasted I said I wanted it neither sliced or toasted – unfortunately when I got home I found the bagel had been both and didn’t taste quite the same, of course I ate every bite of it anyway.

Mike decided he wanted to make sloppy joes for dinner so I ran to the store to get the stuff he needed and to get the stuff for the great idea I saw in the waiting room magazines. I made strawberry limeade! I just grabbed a couple of cans of limeade concentrate and some fresh strawberries and blended them together. This was particularly delicious when mixed with a little Diet Sprite! I think I will try more Summery drinks in the upcoming months. If you have any suggestions let me know I’d love to try them!!

Tonight after dinner Mike and I decided it was time to get in the pool for the first time this year, the complex pool is great and only gets really crowded on the weekends so we had the pool to ourselves. Unfortunately as soon as we got out there it started to rain, no big deal I thought we’re wet in the pool anyway, but then the lightning and thunder followed and getting electrocuted was not on my to do list for today so after a grand total of 5 minutes in the pool we were back in the house in our pajamas. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

Tonight I had Mike take some pictures of me and Alyssa. Alyssa is such a sweetie she loves to curl up on my lap but knows to wait until I put a pillow out first (her claws sometimes find their way into my skin and that is not enjoyable) I love that in the evenings she loves to sleep on my and if I stop petting her she looks up at me and nuzzles my face it’s really the cutest and something I want to be sure to remember!

Tomorrow I have to take Mike for his sleep study consultation but after that I have some serious crafting to do so stay tuned!!

>So today I had a pretty boring day so I am scrambling before bed to blog something worth reading – let’s see how successful I am.

This morning I woke up not feeling all that great, yet again. Hopefully it’s not the viral infection because I really couldn’t go through that again. I slept much later then usual and then woke up and cleaned our bathroom and did a couple of loads of laundry and then pretty much just sat. Not good. I need to be much more active and creative throughout the day. Hopefully tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have no choice but to get going early Mike and I are going for blood work at 7:30AM so we’ll be leaving the house and 7 WOOHOO. I hate getting blood work done because I really hate needles so I’m trying to make sure I stay nice and hydrated so my veins are easy to find in the morning. But it will jump start my day and hopefully when I get back I’ll get in a good workout and some crafting. I am dying to go swimming so hopefully that will start happening since it has been pretty darn hot here!

Ok so as not to totally bore you I will leave you with some things I love about today:

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri – I love this show it makes me want to go on a road trip and visit all these places!! Plus Guy always makes me laugh!

My little Alyssa – she is so sweet when she’s curled up on a pillow it makes me forget what a little demon she can be sometimes.

Banky – my little camera shy guy can’t even tell you how long it took to get this picture and he’s clearly letting me know he’s not happy!

And this Talenti Gelato! We just spotted it in Publix over the weekend and it is delicious! I’m actually kinda sorry I found it because like coffee I have to go back to giving up ice cream and junk so I can keep the weight off and continue to lose.

Until Tomorrow!

>After a very lazy day yesterday I woke up this morning inspired to get stuff done around the house and to do something fun. So I bustled around in the morning folding laundry and emptying the dishwasher, walking the dog and then getting ready to go out. I let Mike know that we were going to Epcot and encouraged him to get ready (after he fixed the vacuum of course!) So by 11AM we had a semi-clean house, with clean clothes to wear and we were sitting in the Mexico pavilion in Epcot eating a yummy, early lunch. The rest of the afternoon we wandered around the park going in and out of shops, taking pictures and chatting. We also decided it was a day to try new things so we picked up never tried beverages in the Japan Pavilion, Mike got an uncarbonated strawberry drink, it was pretty yummy and though it looked milky it was really light. I opted for coffee and milk in a can! I was pleasantly surprised but again that could just be because I know tomorrow I have to go back to no coffee so I was sucking down whatever I could today!!

Once the afternoon got too hot and the park started getting too crowded we came home to hang out and while chillin’ on the couch we got this great photo of us and Hooper. My plan is to try and scrap this photo this week. I also want to do a layout of all Banky photos – because he is camera shy he has the fewest pages in the fur kids’ album and I want to be fair to all my babies. I feel really inspired to create this week so I hope to get some crafting and writing done – wish me luck and stay tuned as I plan to post as much as I can here!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend and I hope everyone took a little time out from the festivities to remember what today is all about. More soon…



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