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>Weight Loss Check In

Posted on: 01/01/2011

>I will be perfectly honest and tell you that during this holiday season I have not eaten as well as I should have, not only was I not counting my Weight Watcher points but i was not following the doctor’s diet either and I’ve paid the price believe me. But throughout the season I have continued to workout and have some super healthy eating days and as of tomorrow I will be back to 100% strict dieting! I did want to take some time to show off my progress a little bit.

In August the doctor scared me and I started dieting, changed my eating habits, drank much less coffee, steered clear of white foods and started Weight Watchers. I had a long way to go and wasn’t sure I could do it.

By September I had already taken off several pounds and was noticing differences in how my clothes felt and how I felt – more energy, more motivation, more stamina. I was pushing myself in my workouts and finding new and creative ways to make meals.

In December (the 31st be exact) I weighed in to find I am down 39.7 pounds from the day I saw the doctor! I need new clothes, I have SO much energy, I can do lunges without my knees hurting, I can run longer, I can walk farther. Overall I feel great! I still have a ways to go but I am proud of the start I’ve made!!

*note* In all three photos I’m wearing the same type of shirt and pants – they are the same brand and size just different colors.


6 Responses to ">Weight Loss Check In"

>Wow! Congrats on your weight loss! That is such an achievement!!! Keep on keeping on!I also loved your year end post and book reviews! Glad I met you through LOAD!!

>WOW! Thats great! I too have started the weight loss challenge. I have not done well in the past because my husband is not very supportive.. as far as keeping goodies and i mean LOADS of goodies out of the house. I know i have to do it for myself and i am now motivated. Thanks for posting your pictures and your story it truly is motivating!

>What an incredible accomplishment. You look fabulous. This is one of my challenges for the year to. I plan on using Cathy Zielske's Move More Eat Less digital template to document the journey. Another reason my OLW is Fearless…need to be that to tackle this! Congratulations!!

>Wow that's amaizng!! You've done so well, and who doesn'e overeat at Christmas, I certainly did! I started slimming world at te end of November and have lost 16lbs (we wont mention the 5 I put on over the Holidays ahem!) I have a long way to go but its good to know there are others out there who are all ready well on the way to success. Well done you and I wish you all the best for 2011!xxxxx

>Wow, good for you! I joined ww at the beginning of December, I hope someday I can post my before & after pictures!

>That is fantastic. You are looking great!

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