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I haven’t updated this blog in 6 years. 6 years I just ignored this and focused on Scrapper on the Street which I recently cancelled hosting for since I was told I needed a developer and was not using to it’s utmost potential. So maybe it’s time now I get back to writing for me? Sharing me? Being me?

My life has taken a few turns in 6 years. I’m divorced – which turns out was a really good thing. And I’ve learned (the hard way) that mental abuse is just as damaging as physical just sometimes easier to hide and ignore. I’ve embarked on a relationship that is very different from my previous one. Different not just because I’m in a relationship with a woman but with a person who supports my decisions, a person who encourages me to do whatever I set my mind to and doesn’t put a ceiling on my abilities. Whether I want to take pole dancing, run marathons, try for a promotion I’m supported and built up. And another relationship bonus my family gets along with her and when I leave the room I don’t have to worry what I come back to or who said what to offend someone. Peace is an underrated piece to the puzzle of life.

I have friends, some old, some new and some I have had to let go but those of us who are here… They are incredible!

I have a fun job, with great people and I learn something every day!

All in all after 6 years a lot has changed but I can’t really complain…



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  • Katrina Kennedy: I am so glad you are enjoying CY365! People like you make it a fabulous place to be. Thank you for posting about it!
  • Toni: >These are two of my favorite layouts that i did in LOAD...
  • Toni: >Load was so much fun!!! and who knew i can do a layout in hours!! LOL